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Let's bring smiles together

Anyone can help! Buy new fun, colorful bed sheets and bring them to a local pediatric oncology unit. That's all it takes!

Sarah and Uri asked the guests of their wedding to bring sheets as gifts. They helped spread the love to many kids at the Boston Children's Hospital this summer.

Host a sheets-drive in your community (neighborhood, school etc). Set a date, spread the word, collect... and bring smiles to kids who really need them.

The BenMoshe Family reached out to the Beth Meyer Synagogue sisterhood, as well as to their good friend Carolyn Pecora Walters and the Focus Church community and brought lots of smiles to kids who are battling cancer at UNC Hospital!

Take it to the next level with a company wide SHEETS FROM HOME campaign. Get inspired by Frito-Lay and Liveperson. See how they made an impact.

FritoLay Northeast run a region wide sales contest! Thanks to their big hearts, young cancer patients from Maine to Pennsylvania can snuggle in their hospital beds just like at home!
Liveperson gave back to the community - personally delivering sheets to kids at Beit Levinstien in Israel... Making it extra fun for whole family!

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