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SFH Youth Leadership Program

Youth involvement in the community is crucial for fostering a sense of social responsibility, building leadership skills, and promoting positive change. It allows young people to learn about the challenges others face and develop empathy, compassion, and a desire to make a difference. Supporting organizations like Sheets From Home provides an excellent opportunity for young people to contribute to their community in a meaningful way. By volunteering, donating, or spreading awareness about the program, youth can make a positive impact on the lives of pediatric oncology patients and their families. They can help provide comfort and joy to children facing immense physical and emotional pain, making their hospital stay a little more bearable. This experience can be transformative for young people, inspiring them to become lifelong advocates for social causes and active community members.


Ready to #makesheethappen?

Here are two simple ways you can #makesheet happen in your community:


  • Organizing a Sheets-Drive: Organize a bedding drive in your school or community to collect new and fun bed sheets for pediatric oncology patients. This will not only help to meet the needs of the organization but also create awareness about the program among the local community.

  • Run a social media campaign: Use social media to spread awareness about the Sheets From Home program and encourage others to get involved. Volunteers can use their social media platforms to share stories and pictures of the impact made by the program.

Contact us to #giveasheet in your community!

Witness the incredible impact of our youth volunteers making a difference in their communities. These amazing young individuals have dedicated their time and energy to support causes that matter to them, embodying the values of social responsibility, leadership, and compassion. Their volunteer work creates positive change in the world and inspires others to follow in their footsteps. We are incredibly proud of their commitment to service and grateful for their contributions to our organization and the communities we serve.

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