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Carmel High School Wrestling is teaming up to collect 40 sets of sheets this holiday season.

by: Brittany Noble

Posted: December 18, 2023

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Two-time cancer survivor Ya-elle Halevi, co-founder of Sheets from Home, helps children with cancer. They provide brand-new, vibrant bed sheets to brighten kids’ hospital rooms.


When her young son was diagnosed with cancer, Ya-el said a trip to Walmart would birth an innovative idea that would bring joy to thousands battling childhood cancer across the globe. Carmel High School Wrestling is teaming up to collect 40 sets of sheets this holiday season.

This was all inspired by the journey of her son, Tamir Halevi, a member of the wrestling team who fought and overcame cancer.

So far, he and his teammates have collected Spiderman, Frozen, and Pokémon sheets, but they hope for more donations.

According to the organization’s website, “nurses and doctors commented on how much easier the sheets made their job, helping them to communicate with the children.”

The goal is for each kid in the oncology unit to receive one fun, colorful sheets-set twin or full-size. They cost about $25 apiece.

Sheets from Home hopes to deliver 40 sets. The total cost is estimated at $1,000 per hospital.


​Support your community by starting a local sheets-raiser. Call 404-919-9190 with your sheets-raiser information, and Sheets from Home will help you set up and coordinate logistics with a local pediatric oncology unit. Also, consider a virtual sheet-raiser. This is a flexible way to create your team, send updates, and share success stories.


Carmel High School Wrestling launches heartwarming Holiday Sheets-raiser for pediatric cancer patients

Posted: December 16, 2023

In a remarkable display of compassion and unity, Carmel High School (CHS) Wrestling proudly unveils its Holiday Sheets-raiser.

The charitable initiative was born from the remarkable journey of Tamir Halevi, a courageous member of the wrestling team who battled and conquered Stage 4 cancer through countless rounds of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and a life-saving transplant. Inspired by Tamir’s resilience and determination, the wrestling team is rallying together to support Sheets From Home, a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing comfort and joy to children facing pediatric cancer.

Sheets From Home, renowned for its mission of transforming the hospital experiences of young cancer patients, provides them with brand-new, vibrant bed sheets to brighten their hospital rooms. These sheets symbolize warmth and a slice of home during their arduous journeys, offered to the children free of charge throughout their hospital stays.

The connection between the grueling wrestling matches on the mat and the indomitable spirit displayed by these young patients lies at the core of this initiative. CHS wrestlers intimately comprehend the significance of resilience and solidarity. The Sheets-raiser embodies these values by extending a helping hand to these brave young warriors. The objective is to gather new, fun, and colorful sheet sets (twin or crib-sized) to have a genuine impact and bring hope and comfort to children battling cancer.

“We are deeply honored to stand together as a community in the name of this heartwarming cause,” CHS Wrestling Head Coach Ed Pendoski said. “By supporting the Sheets-raiser, you’re not merely donating sheets; you’re providing hope, comfort, and radiant smiles to children in the midst of their cancer battle. Our mission is to collect 40 sets of sheets – sufficient to blanket an entire pediatric oncology unit. Let’s unite to make this Holiday Season truly extraordinary for those who need it the most.”

Donations of new, colorful sheet sets can be delivered to the Carmel High School Wrestling room from now until Dec. 22.

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“Captain America” Visits Patients at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital

by: John Herrick

Posted: April 28, 2023

INDIANAPOLIS–Captain America visited patients at the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital on Friday, which was National Superhero Day.

Okay, it wasn’t the actual Captain America, but it was an appearance the patients still appreciated.

Captain America is the alter ego of Dr. Matthew Mitchell, a pulmonologist at Ascension St. Vincent. He’s been visiting patients in costume for several years now.

Mitchell says, however, that the pediatric patients at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital “are his superheroes” because they show “heroic strength in the face of tough situations.”

As Captain America, Mitchell handed out superhero bed sheets and crib sheets that were donated by the nonprofit organization “Sheets From Home.”

“It’s very important to our Child Life Team to bring out-of-the-ordinary, very fun experiences to our pediatric patients. They say events like this bring a special moment of joy to the families regardless of their situation in the hospital,” said Brenna Ford, senior public relations specialist at Ascension St. Vincent.

Read more here

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Local group provides bed sheets to help young cancer patients feel at home

by: Matt Adams

Posted: Oct 26, 2022 / 10:01 AM EDT

Updated: Oct 26, 2022 / 10:01 AM EDT

INDIANAPOLIS — It’s a different way to use bed sheets this Halloween.

A local organization called Sheets from Home donated dozens of Halloween-themed bed sheets to Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital.

Found Ya-elle Halevi said her son came up with the idea after beating cancer more than a decade ago. The sheets are intended to help patients feel more at home.

“We want to bring Halloween to them and bring a smile to their face,” Halevi said. “Give them a home-like feeling and cheer them up.”

The idea started small but has grown over the years.

“We didn’t really think much of it when we did it, but other families started asking us about it and we realized we’re doing something different,” Halevi said.

“We bring fun, colorful bedsheets to kids who are fighting cancer in the hospital. We support kids anywhere from newborn to 18 years old…anything in between goes,” she said.

Watch the interview here

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