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How can I support SHEETS FROM HOME?

There are several ways you can support SHEETS FROM HOME. One way is to donate kids sheets that can be added to an ongoing sheet collection.  We will include your sheets in our next drop-off.  Another way to support SHEETS FROM HOME is to start a sheet collection in your area. We have had several volunteers lead sheet collections in their local communities to donate to Pediatric Oncology units in their home state. If you'd like for one of our representative to reach out to you, please fill out this form.

What sheet color or pattern should I donate?

This is totally up to you.  Be creative and have fun!  Choose a Disney character, sports, or any other pattern that you think would make a child happy. It can be either full, twin or crib size sheets. Not sure yet? Check out our Amazon Wish List.

Should I donate new or used bed sheets?

We can only accept NEW  in the original package sheets. Many children undergoing cancer treatments have weakened immune systems which as susceptible to infection. Therefore most hospitals can only accept new sheets. 

What size sheets should I purchase for pediatric hospital beds?


Full size bed sheets best fit these hospital beds. Please remember SHEETS FROM HOME also provides sheets for crib size beds for the little ones.

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