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Meet the SFH team

#SheetsFromHome was created based on our personal experience . For the first time since we started in 2011, we would like to introduce our team:

Ya-el Halevi

Ya-el experienced first hand the fight against cancer. She battled melanoma and cervical cancers between 2006 and 2010 before her son was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. She and her son are now cancer free and continue to be monitored on a regular basis. Ya-el has translated her experiences as a Mom, survivor and caregiver into Sheets From Home. As our tagline goes, her mission is to brighten a child's face one hospital stay at a time. As co-Founder and Director,

Ya-el leads the marketing and community outreach efforts. She is also responsible for the ongoing social media communications, tactical development, sheets-raising campaigns, and building connections with pediatric hospital personnel around the country. She enjoys traveling, movies, art and watching her kids play whatever sport is in season.

Asaf Halevi

As a husband and father of cancer survivors, Asaf has a personal passion to supporting pediatric cancer patients during their treatments and recovery. As co-Founder and Director of Sheets From Home, Asaf oversees the overall Sheets From Home strategy and dreams of bringing fun and colorful bed sheets to kids in hospitals all around the world. Asaf brings extensive business experience as a corporate executive with a background in marketing and business development. He enjoys all kinds of sports, music and traveling.

Tamar Halevi

Tamar was inspired by the strength and courage she witnessed through her nephew and sister-in-law’s battles, and victories, over cancer. She began her partnership with Sheets From Home in 2013 and, as a board member, is determined to expand its reach to as many patients as possible. She currently lives in NYC and works as a Sales Director in the metro New York/Westchester area. She loves the arts and traveling and looks forward to impacting more families as SFH grows.



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