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Our Ambassadors

Owen & Annalyn Dilley

Owen Dilley is an energetic and kind-hearted third grader. He enjoys playing the guitar and running cross country. His sister, Annalyn, is a sweet first grader who loves people, animals, and doing gymnastics. Owen and Anna recently celebrated their 8th and 6th birthdays. We had a party and in lieu of gifts, they collected sheets to donate to Sheets From Home. They both enjoy helping others and were excited to collect something a little different then what they had done in the past. Both Owen and Anna (as well as their younger brother, Ellis) have all spent time at Riley Children's Hospital for relatively minor things. They both were happy to donate to children who were going to be spending their time at Riley undergoing treatments. They look forward to collecting more sheets in the future! SFH is a wonderful organization that our family was thrilled to be a part of!

Kelly Grimes

From the minute my husband, Rob, came home and told me about Sheets from Home, I knew it was something I wanted to be involved in. As a nurse, and a mother of two young kids, I knew what these sheets would mean to these children and their families and I just had to be a part of it. Coordinating a Sheetsraiser is just about the easiest thing you can do. With the help of the parents and teachers at my son’s school as well as my classmates, friends and family at my Nursing school graduation, we have successfully run 3 Sheetsraisers and donated over 150 sheets to Boston Children’s Hospital. With my son entering a new school for Kindergarten this Fall and my daughter starting Preschool in a few years, I hope this is only the beginning of a long partnership with Sheets From Home! 

Marabeth Pereira

Marabeth Pereira is a former elementary school paraeducator and PTA president. As a mother of three, the notion of “kids helping kids” is one that resonates strong. After meeting the Halevi family and hearing their story, Marabeth felt compelled to help bring a little light into the lives of children struggling with illness. She has been an advocate of Sheets from Home since the spring of 2013 when she helped spearhead her school's SFH Sheet-Raiser. Having recently relocated from Connecticut to Indiana, Marabeth is still collaborating with schools back home as well as with her new community to support the Sheets from Home vision. 

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