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We're on the go, and this time, we visited the kids at Norton Children's Hospital! It's great to be able to re-connect and bring much-needed smiles to the kids there! This delivery was possible thanks to the kind donations of Walmart Walmart New Albany - Grant Line Rd!!! We are grateful for their amazing support and have no doubt that they #giveasheet too!


#makesheethappen #ChildhoodCancer #sheetsfromhome Norton Children's #Louisville #Kentucky #bringingsmiles

Back in Louisville, KY

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As long as it's possible (and safe!!!), we #makesheethappen! Glad we can bring lots of smiles to our friends at the @RMHCKentuckiana again!

#sheetsfromhome #giveasheet #childhoodcancer #Louisville #RonaldMcDonaldHouse

Special Birthday Gift!

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Today is a special day. It's my birthday! I am going to show off and tell you that I've received the BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT EVER! I got to visit the Ronald McDonald House in Indianapolis and personally deliver fun bedsheets to the kids there. Like many other places, they've experienced a few rocky months but are now back up and running, hosting families again!

Seeing the smiles and excitement on the kids' faces picking and choosing their favorite set is PRICELESS!!! There is nothing in the world that compares to the pure joy in their eyes scanning the cart and then getting to take the 'one'. They couldn't see my smile as it was covered with a mask but my eyes were teary as this is exactly why we #giveasheet!

Thank YOU for caring, supporting, and #makingsheethappen with us since 2011! We can't do this without you!


#ChildhoodCancer #SheetsFromHome #MakeSheetHappen #GiveaSheet #RonaldMcDonaldHouse #BestBirthdayGift

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Indiana

We're BACK!!

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After six months 'shut down' we are back at it!! We are thrilled to announce that we had a quick but very meaningful drop-off at Peyton Manning Children's Hospital this morning! Cancer patients are at high risk of catching infections as is, with COVID-19 spreading like fire, there was no way we could deliver sheets to the hospitals. We had to sit tight and wait. It was tough for everyone, but especially for the little ones. Today's delivery gives us hope for a better 2020!

I #GiveaSheet. What about you?!...





Peyton Manning Children's Hospital



The Hillis bring it home to kids at the Smilow Cancer Center (Yale New Haven, CT)

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Erin and Shaun Hillis did something VERY special. They ran a sheets-raiser in honor of their good friends; Julia Berv and Katie Winkle, both are childhood cancer survivors.  They have also collected sheets in memory of another friend, Jordan Jacques.  The brother and sister collected 74 sheet-sets (!!!) and donated them directly to the pediatric oncology unit at the Smilow Cancer Center (New Haven, CT), lifting the spirits of the kids and families there. 


Thank you Hillis family, you TRULY made a difference! 

#sheetsfromhome #giveasheet #makesheethappen #childhoodcancer #cancer #Yale #smilow #bringingsmiles 

The Children's Hospital University of Illinois

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Fun facts about Chicago: 

- You can look out at four states from the Willis Tower
- Home of the Twinkie
- The only river in the world that flows backwards
- First open-heart surgery

And... one of our favorite places to bring smiles!!!

With your ongoing support, we were able to share another COLORFUL delivery of fun bed-sheets at the Children's Hospital University of Illinois.Thank you!

#sheetsfromhome #giveasheet #makesheethappen #childhoodcancer #bringingsmiles #bigimpact #chicago


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Our drop off at Lurie Our visit to Lurie Children's Hospital last week was bitter sweet. While we were packing the sheets to the carts, a little girl (who obviously is going through some health issues) walked up to us asking about the sheets. Especially the 'Frozen' one. Her eyes LIT when the staff told her she will get to keep it after her next round of treatments (the following week). 

The look in her eyes was priceless. 

This is why we #giveasheet.  #sheetsfromhome #childhoodcancer

Phoenix Children's Hospital

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"The staff love to give them (the sheets...) out because our patients and families get so excited to personalize their room with them. Thank you and your donors for your generous and meaningful donation!!!!
- Child Life Specialist, Phoenix Children's Hospital

#GiveaSheet #SheetsFromHome #MakeSheetHappen #ChildhoodCancer #BringingSmiles

Cardinal Glennon Hospital

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This is what it looks like when we #MakeSheetHappen!
With the help of @JamaButtler, we were able to deliver another round of donations to Cardinal Glennon Hospital in St. Louis, MO. last week. We are so thankful for the Buttlers' on going assistance and very excited to continue supporting the families there!

Every $25 donated means that another child who's undergoing cancer treatments in the hospital will be sleeping on @SheetsFromHome! You can #giveasheet too. 

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Indiana

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Completing another awesome delivery this morning at the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Indiana downtown Indianapolis and making sure that the families there are feeling just like at home, away from their real home. #TransformationTuesday #SharetheLove #GiveaSheet #ChildhoodCancer #BigImpact #SheetsFromHome

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Kentuckiana

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We're excited to come back and visit the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Kentuckiana - RMHCK! It is a special place and more importantly - bring lots of smiles to the kiddos there!!!

#Sharethelove #childhoodcacner #giveasheet

Norton Children's Hospital

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Love rocking Monday morning traffic to Norton Children's Hospital in Louisville, KY! Easiest drive ever, as we're getting ready to #sharethelove with the kiddos in Derby City this #ValentinesDay !

#SheetsFromHome #GiveaSheet #ChildhoodCancer Norton Children's Hospital — with Norton Children's Hospital

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